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Report created on June 28, 2022
HB1093EDUCATION MATTERS. (BEHNING R) Amends the membership and duties of the early learning advisory committee. Makes changes to the definition of "school resource officer". Provides that, after June 30, 2023, if a school corporation or charter school enters into a contract for a school resource officer, certain school corporations or charter schools must enter into a memorandum of understanding with the law enforcement agency that employs or appointed the law enforcement officer who will perform the duties of a school resource officer. Provides that certain parties are prohibited from incentivizing the enrollment, reenrollment, or continued attendance of a student or prospective student by offering or giving an item that has monetary value. Requires the Indiana charter school board (board) to appoint an executive director to carry out the duties and daily operations of the board. Establishes the executive director's duties. Provides that the board shall establish certain processes. Establishes the Indiana charter school board fund and provides that money in the fund is appropriated continuously for purposes of the board. Provides that the department of education (department) may grant an accomplished practitioner's license under certain conditions. Establishes: (1) a definition for "virtual student instructional day"; and (2) requirements for virtual student instructional days. Provides that a public school may conduct not more than three virtual student instructional days that do not meet the established requirements. Provides that a public school that does not comply with these provisions may not count a student instructional day toward the 180 day student instructional day requirement. Allows the department to waive these requirements. Provides that the instructional days tuition support distribution formula take into account only certain schools and grades within a school corporation if fewer than all the schools fail to conduct the minimum number of student instructional days. Authorizes the department to study and, if recommended, use machine scoring. Provides that, after a school receives statewide assessment score reports, a teacher of a student shall discuss the student's statewide assessment results with a parent at the next parent/teacher conference or, if the school does not hold parent/teacher conferences, send a notice to a parent of the student offering to meet with the parent to discuss the results. Provides that the department may include in a contract entered into or renewed after June 30, 2022, with a statewide assessment vendor a requirement that the vendor provide a summary of a student's statewide assessment results that meets certain requirements. Changes the department's review period for certain funds. Provides that the state board of education shall assign to a school or school corporation (including adult high schools) a "null" or "no letter grade" for the 2021-2022 school year. Repeals a provision concerning staffing of the board.
 Current Status:   3/15/2022 - Public Law 139
 Recent Status:   3/15/2022 - Signed by the Governor
3/15/2022 - Signed by the President of the Senate
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