School Support Staff
Prepared by: Keith Clock
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Report created on June 28, 2022
HB1251VARIOUS EDUCATION MATTERS. (BEHNING R) Requires the department of education (department) to apply to the United States Department of Education for assessment flexibility. Requires the department to: (1) prepare a report that includes information and recommendations regarding establishing and implementing a parent-teacher compact program; and (2) submit the report to the legislative council not later than November 1, 2022. Provides that the state board of education (state board) shall, in consultation with postsecondary educational institutions and various businesses and industries, identify what skills or traits students need to be successful upon completion of high school. Requires the department to conduct a research study regarding academic standards. Requires the department to establish an online adjunct teacher portal. Provides that the governing body of a school corporation may issue an adjunct teacher permit to an individual who meets certain requirements. Establishes requirements for adjunct teacher employment agreements. Provides that the employment agreements are not subject to certain requirements regarding teacher salaries and school corporation local compensation plans. Provides that: (1) an adjunct teacher is not a school employee for purposes of collective bargaining; and (2) an employment agreement with an adjunct teacher is not subject to a collective bargaining agreement. Provides that the school employer shall discuss the use of adjunct teachers with the exclusive representative of certificated employees. Requires the governing body of a school corporation to announce any vacant adjunct teacher positions at meetings of the governing body. Amends the definition of "primary use of the building" for certain applicable high schools for purposes of occupancy classification requirements. Amends the definition of "appropriate vehicle". Provides that a special purpose bus or an appropriate vehicle may be used to transport students under certain circumstances. Provides that the state board may adopt emergency rules relating to school accreditation. Provides that the driver of a special purpose bus or an appropriate vehicle must pass an expanded criminal history check and an expanded child protection index check. Makes changes to visual acuity requirements for a bus driver. Establishes the Indiana student enrichment grant program (program). Provides that an enrichment student is eligible to establish an Indiana enrichment scholarship account. Provides that an enrichment student may receive $1,000 to be used for certain qualified expenses. Provides that the department shall administer the program. Provides that the program expires July 1, 2025.
 Current Status:   3/18/2022 - Public Law 168
 Recent Status:   3/18/2022 - Signed by the Governor
3/15/2022 - Signed by the President of the Senate
 State Bill Page:   HB1251
SR41URGING THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL TO ASSIGN THE TOPIC OF EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT PROFESSIONALS. (POL JR. R) A SENATE RESOLUTION urging the legislative council to assign to the appropriate study committee issues related to educational support professionals.
 Current Status:   3/1/2022 - Second reading adopted voice vote
 Recent Status:   3/1/2022 - Senate Resolutions Eligible for Adoption
2/28/2022 - Senate Resolutions Eligible for Adoption
 State Bill Page:   SR41