Priority Legislation Report
Prosperity Indiana
202 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Prepared by: Kathleen Lara
Report created on May 28, 2022
HB1104HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. (CLERE E) Repeals the laws governing the microenterprise partnership program fund and microenterprise partnership program. Requires the governing body of an eligible entity to notify the Indiana housing and community development authority of the creation of an affordable housing fund. Replaces the member of the low income housing trust fund advisory committee appointed by and representing the Indianapolis Coalition for Neighborhood Development with one member appointed by and representing the Indiana housing and community development authority.
 Current Status:   3/30/2020 - Public Law 17
 State Bill Page:   HB1104
SB395UNIFORM CONSUMER CREDIT CODE. (BASSLER E) Amends the Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC) as follows: (1) Changes: (A) from July 1 of each even-numbered year to January 1 of each odd-numbered year the effective date for the adjustment, based on changes in the Consumer Price Index, of various dollar amounts set forth in the UCCC; and (B) the corresponding date that precedes the adjustment date and by which the department of financial institutions (department) must issue an emergency rule announcing the adjustment. (2) For an agreement for a consumer credit sale entered into after June 30, 2020: (A) authorizes a seller to contract for and receive a nonrefundable prepaid finance charge based on the amount financed, in addition to the credit service charge and any other authorized charges and fees; and (B) prohibits precomputed consumer credit sales. (3) Repeals a provision concerning the credit service charge for revolving charge accounts and relocates the language to the provision concerning the authorized credit service charge for consumer sales. (4) For an agreement for a consumer loan entered into after June 30, 2020: (A) changes the amount of the authorized nonrefundable prepaid finance charge from $50 to an amount that is not more than: (i) $75; (ii) $150; or (iii) $200; based on the amount financed, in the case of a consumer loan not secured by an interest in land; and (B) prohibits precomputed consumer loans. Makes conforming changes with respect to supervised loans. Changes from $1.50 to $3 the amount of the fee that a lessor in a rental purchase agreement may impose for accepting rental payments by telephone. Makes conforming technical amendments throughout the UCCC to reflect the bill's changes.
 Current Status:   3/18/2020 - Public Law 85
 State Bill Page:   SB395

Week In Review

Eli Lilly announces $2.1 billion manufacturing expansion in Boone County
Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly & Co. is expanding in Indiana, announcing Wednesday a $2.1 billion investment to build to two manufacturing sites side-by-side in Boone County.
Indianapolis Star
Stage set for Indiana’s global summit on economic issues
Indianapolis this weekend will play host to visitors from 30 countries as part of a summit meant to discuss economic issues from across the globe and drive new business to the state.
Indianapolis Business Journal
Indiana governor eyes ‘inflationary relief,’ not gas tax cut
Indiana’s governor said Wednesday he was preparing a plan to potentially tap into the growing state budget surplus to help residents with the national inflation jump, while rejecting calls for suspending state gas taxes.
Associated Press
Incentive deal for Kokomo battery plant the largest in state history
In exchange for building a $2.5 billion-plus electric vehicle battery plant to Kokomo and creating up to 1,400 jobs, carmaker Stellantis N.V. and renewable battery company Samsung SDI stand to reap what could be the largest economic development deal in state history.
Indianapolis Business Journal
Transgender sports bill veto overturned
State legislators representing Columbus remained divided on a controversial bill banning transgender athletes from competing in school sports as the Republican-dominated legislature voted to override the governor’s veto of the measure.
Associated Press
Hoosier lawmakers to study health benefits, potential legalization of marijuana
Maybe Indiana won't be the last state to legalize marijuana after all.
Northwest Indiana Times
Legislative Republicans aren’t ruling out a special session to address gas taxes, but they’re skeptical it’s the best way to address rising prices.
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Hoosier Lottery on track to send more money to state than expected this year
The Hoosier Lottery is once again on track to send more money to the state than expected.
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