Prepared by: Andrew Bradley
Report created on March 1, 2024
HB1219VARIOUS HOUSING MATTERS. (CLERE E) Defines "principal dwelling land contract" (contract) as a land contract for the sale of real property: (1) designed for the occupancy of one to two families; and (2) that is or will be occupied by the buyer as the buyer's principal dwelling. Provides that the seller under a contract must provide the buyer with certain disclosures at least 10 days before the contract is executed. Sets forth disclosures that must be included in a contract. Provides a three day cancellation period for the buyer. Specifies certain recording provisions for principal dwelling land contracts. Permits a person to expunge records in connection with certain eviction actions in which the person was a defendant. Requires a landlord who denies an applicant's application for the rental of a dwelling unit based on information in a tenant screening report to provide the applicant with a copy of the tenant screening report. Adds a housing court as a problem solving court that may be established by a city court or a county court. Provides that a violation of disclosure provisions related to land contracts and a failure to investigate an alleged error in a tenant screening report constitute deceptive acts under the deceptive consumer sales act.
 Current Status:   2/22/2021 - DEAD BILL; Fails to advance by House 3rd reading deadline (Rule 147.1)
 All Bill Status:   1/14/2021 - Referred to House Judiciary
1/14/2021 - First Reading
1/14/2021 - Coauthored by Representatives Shackleford and Negele
1/14/2021 - Authored By Edward Clere
 State Bill Page:   HB1219
HB1530HOUSING STABILITY TASK FORCE AND EVICTION DATA. (ERRINGTON S) Establishes the Indiana housing stability task force (task force). Provides that the task force consists of the following 15 members: (1) Four members of the house of representatives, with two of those members appointed by the speaker, and two appointed by the minority leader. (2) Four members of the senate, with two of those members appointed by the president pro tempore, and two appointed by the minority leader. (3) Seven members appointed by the governor and representing the interests of landlords, tenants, the housing market, and a homelessness prevention organization. Provides that: (1) all meetings of the task force shall be open to the public in accordance with the state's open door law; and (2) all records of the task force are subject to the requirements of the state's public records law. Sets forth specific issues that the task force must examine with respect to the availability of safe and affordable housing in Indiana. Authorizes the task force to collaborate with or seek guidance, testimony, or information from certain state agencies, units of local government, service providers, and other specified entities. Requires the task force to: (1) develop recommendations for the general assembly and the governor concerning the issues examined; (2) issue a report setting forth the recommendations developed; and (3) not later than December 1, 2022, submit the report to the executive director of the legislative services agency and the governor. Provides that these provisions expire December 2, 2022. Requires the Indiana housing and community development authority to develop and maintain a data base and mapping tool to compile accurate and current data on: (1) residential eviction actions filed; and (2) eviction mediation or dispute resolution proceedings entered into. Authorizes the authority to consult or collaborate with certain agencies, trial courts, and other persons having the data or expertise necessary for the authority to implement the data base and mapping tool. Specifies certain requirements as to how the required information must be made available, including that the information must be viewable as an Internet dashboard on the authority's Internet web site. Provides that the required information on eviction actions and proceedings must be available on the authority's Internet web site in the required format before January 1, 2022. Provides that at any time before or after January 1, 2022, the authority, in collaboration or consultation with other parties having the necessary data or expertise, may include on the Internet dashboard certain additional information or data concerning the availability of housing and rental assistance programs and funding.
 Current Status:   2/22/2021 - DEAD BILL; Fails to advance by House 3rd reading deadline (Rule 147.1)
 All Bill Status:   1/14/2021 - Referred to House Government and Regulatory Reform
1/14/2021 - First Reading
1/14/2021 - Coauthored by Representatives Pressel and Hamilton
1/14/2021 - Authored By Sue Errington
 State Bill Page:   HB1530
SB184SMALL LOAN FINANCE CHARGES. (WALKER G) Changes the current incremental finance charge limits that apply to a small loan to a maximum annual rate. Prohibits making, or taking other actions with respect to, a small loan with a greater rate or amount of interest, or other fees and charges, than allowed under the statute governing small loans. Prohibits a credit services organization from providing certain functions with respect to a small loan and makes a violation a deceptive act.
 Current Status:   2/23/2021 - DEAD BILL; Fails to advance by Senate 3rd reading deadline (Rule 79(a))
 All Bill Status:   1/26/2021 - added as coauthors Senators Kruse and Melton
1/26/2021 - added as coauthor Senator Breaux
1/26/2021 - added as coauthor Senator Alting
1/26/2021 - added as second author Senator Grooms
1/25/2021 - added as coauthor Senator Ford J.D
1/5/2021 - Referred to Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions
1/5/2021 - First Reading
1/5/2021 - Authored By Greg Walker
 State Bill Page:   SB184