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Report created on June 13, 2024
HB1334ABSENTEE VOTING. (WESCO T) Provides that an agency of the state or a political subdivision may not provide an individual with an application for an absentee ballot unless requested by the individual or a member of the individual's family. Provides that an absentee ballot application must request that the applicant include: (1) certain identification numbers; or (2) a photocopy of: (A) the applicant's Indiana driver's license, (B) the applicant's Indiana identification card number for nondrivers, or (C) other specified proof of identification. Provides that the application form must state that an applicant may include only one of the identification numbers or one of the documents, but the application may be delayed if the county election board cannot match at least one of the numbers with the voter's registration record. Allows an individual to provide, for purposes of accessing an absentee ballot application submitted in an electronic format: (1) the individual's Indiana identification card number for nondrivers; or (2) the unique identifying number assigned to the voter's registration record in the computerized list; as an alternative to the options available under current law. (Current law requires the provision of the individual's Indiana driver's license number or the last four digits of the individual's Social Security number.) Specifies that certain information and documentation is confidential. Specifies when a county voter registration office is required to redact particular confidential information. Requires a county election board to implement specified procedures if the county election board cannot match at least one of the numbers with the voter's registration record. Requires the bureau of motor vehicles (BMV) to provide particular information each day to the secretary of state (secretary) and the election division. Requires the secretary and the election division to provide specified information to each county voter registration office. Specifies that if certain information provided by the BMV is not a part of the voter's registration record, the county voter registration office shall update the voter's registration record to include this information. Requires a circuit court clerk or director of a board of elections and registration (clerk) to transmit certain information to an applicant who submits an application to receive an absentee ballot by mail if the application does not fully comply with particular laws. Specifies a process by which a clerk may: (1) deliver a second absentee ballot application; (2) approve a second absentee ballot application; and (3) provide an absentee ballot; to a voter who timely submits a defective application to receive an absentee ballot. Provides that a voter who receives an absentee ballot under certain provisions may return the voted ballot: (1) in person to the absentee voter board; or (2) to the county election board; before the deadline for receipt of absentee ballots. Requires uniform application if a clerk uses this provision. Makes conforming changes.
 Current Status:   5/1/2023 - Public Law 140
 Recent Status:   5/1/2023 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
4/26/2023 - Signed by the President of the Senate
 State Bill Page:   HB1334
SB177SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATE FILING DEADLINE. (KOCH E) Changes the time frame that a candidate for a school board office is required to file the candidate's petition of nomination. Modifies deadlines concerning a statement questioning the validity of a petition of nomination or contesting the denial of certification.
 Current Status:   4/20/2023 - Public Law 34
 Recent Status:   4/20/2023 - SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
4/18/2023 - Signed by the President of the Senate
 State Bill Page:   SB177