Prepared by: Charlie Hiltunen
Report created on March 26, 2023
HB1008PENSION INVESTMENTS. (MANNING E) Provides that a fiduciary, in making and supervising investments of a reserve fund of the public pension system, shall discharge the fiduciary's duties solely in the financial interest of the participants and beneficiaries of the public pension system for certain purposes. Specifies requirements for fiduciaries, proxy advisors, service providers, and proxy voting. Provides that compliance with certain provisions does not impose any additional fiduciary obligations on a person, other than to the extent required by law or the applicable contract or agreement. Requires the board of trustees of the Indiana public retirement system (board) to, at least annually, tabulate and report all proxy votes made by any fiduciary in relation to the administration of a fund of the public pension system. Provides that the treasurer of state shall enforce these provisions. Specifies, for the board and the treasurer of state, particular enforcement requirements and procedures if the treasurer of state determines that a person has engaged in, is engaging in, or is going to engage in a violation regarding fiduciary duties. Provides that certain persons and entities are immune from civil liability and entitled to indemnification. Requires the board to amend the board's investment policies to comply with the requirements on or before December 31, 2023. Specifies fiduciary duties, similar to the those applicable to the public pension system, that apply to the trustee of the state police pension trust. Defines terms and makes conforming amendments.
 Current Status:   3/6/2023 - added as cosponsor Senator Rogers
HB1177HANDGUN TRAINING FOR TEACHERS. (LUCAS J) Creates a specialized firearms safety, education, and training curriculum (curriculum) for teachers, school staff, and school employees. Specifies curriculum requirements. Authorizes funds from the: (1) Indiana safe schools fund; (2) Indiana secured schools fund; and (3) school corporation and charter school safety advance program; to be used for the purpose of providing specialized firearms instruction to certain teachers, school staff, and school employees, and for providing counseling services to students, teachers, school staff, and school employees in the event of a school shooting. Requires a charter school, nonpublic school, or school corporation to ensure that a teacher, school staff member, or school employee who receives a grant from the Indiana safe schools fund for the purpose of receiving specialized firearms instruction complies with certain requirements. Provides that the identity of any person who: (1) enrolls in; (2) participates in; or (3) completes; the curriculum is confidential. Provides that a public school or an accredited nonpublic school may not conduct a training or drill for an employee of the school that includes, as any part of the training or drill, the expelling of any type of projectile at the employee unless: (1) the school informs the employee of the use of projectiles in the training or drill; and (2) the employee consents, in writing, to the use of projectiles during the training or drill. Provides that a public school or an accredited nonpublic school may not conduct or approve a training or drill for a student of the school that includes, as any part of the training or drill, the expelling of any type of projectile. Authorizes a qualified retired law enforcement officer to carry or possess a firearm on school property. Makes conforming and technical amendments.
 Current Status:   3/9/2023 - added as cosponsor Senator Byrne
HB1308INDIANA CRIME GUNS TASK FORCE. (CARBAUGH M) Provides that the Indiana crime guns task force area may include Allen County.
 Current Status:   3/27/2023 - House Bills on Third Reading
HB1323INFORMATION PRIVACY RELATING TO FIREARMS. (HAGGARD C) Specifies the circumstances under which information concerning a person who applies for or holds a license to carry a handgun may be released to a federal government entity.
 Current Status:   3/23/2023 - Signed by the President Pro Tempore
HB1348DISPOSAL OF FIREARMS BY TRADE FOR NEW EQUIPMENT. (LUCAS J) Permits a law enforcement agency to dispose of certain confiscated firearms by trade with a licensed firearms dealer, a licensed firearm manufacturer, or another law enforcement agency in exchange for new firearms and other law enforcement equipment. Sets forth the recording and reporting requirements for the trade of firearms by a law enforcement agency.
 Current Status:   3/6/2023 - Referred to Committee on Commerce and Technology
HB1365MACHINE GUNS. (GORE M) Revises, for purposes of an enhancement and certain criminal offenses, a definition of "machine gun". Provides that particular criminal offenses concerning machine guns do not apply to certain persons, including persons possessing machine guns or other items not required to be registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record maintained by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Makes a conforming amendment.
 Current Status:   3/23/2023 - Motion to concur filed
SB136CONVICTION DATA. (SANDLIN J) Defines "prohibited person" as a person prohibited from possessing a firearm or carrying a handgun. Provides that the office of judicial administration may establish a system to transmit certain data to assist in determining whether a person is a prohibited person.
 Current Status:   3/21/2023 - added as cosponsor Representative Miller D
SB205TASK FORCE FOR THE REDUCTION OF VIOLENT CRIME. (QADDOURA F) Establishes the task force for the reduction of violent crime (task force). Requires the task force to study potential statutory changes to reduce violent crime and submit a report for distribution to the general assembly.
 Current Status:   2/28/2023 - Referred to House Courts and Criminal Code
SB292INPRS INVESTMENTS. (HOLDMAN T) Requires the board of trustees of the Indiana public retirement system (board) to make investment decisions with the primary purpose of maximizing the target rate of return on the board's investments. Prohibits the board from making an investment decision with the purpose of influencing any social or environmental policy or attempting to influence the governance of any corporation for nonpecuniary purposes. Specifies an exception. Requires the board to adopt a policy that ensures proxy voting and engagement is based primarily on maximizing the target rate of return on the board's investments. Provides certain guidelines and reporting requirements for proxy voting in relation to the administration of the public pension and retirement funds of the system.
 Current Status:   2/28/2023 - Referred to House Financial Institutions

Week In Review

Bill that would change wetlands definition passes Indiana House committee
Democrats, environmental groups and business leaders are denouncing a bill that they say would further erode protections for Indiana’s already shrinking wetlands.
Indianapolis Business Journal
Governor signs bill upending Indiana Supreme Court case over Duke Energy's coal ash waste
Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law Wednesday that aims to undo the effect of an Indiana Supreme Court decision over Duke Energy’s coal ash waste on similar cases. The language that allows utilities to recover “unexpected” additional costs from their customers was put into Senate Bill 9 just eight days ago.
Indiana Public Media
Senate panel changes bill on student pronouns to protect religious beliefs
Indiana Senators on Wednesday further advanced legislation dictating which pronouns teachers can use for students, in doing so adding more provisions that are concerning to LGBTQ Hoosiers.
Indianapolis Star
Gender-Affirming Care Ban Bill Passes Out of House Committee
STATEWIDE — You’ve probably heard about a bill that would ban gender affirming care for transgender children in Indiana. Tuesday, the bill went through it’s final Indiana House committee hearing.
Senate sends bill to simplify unemployment pay deductions, allow overpayment debt relief to governor
State officials say some of the tight rules on unemployment benefits end up clogging up the system, preventing people from quickly getting paid and costing the state a lot of money – especially during economic downturns.
Indiana Public Media
Bill terminating the rights of parents of abandoned children passes Indiana House
A bill terminating the rights of parents of abandoned children passed the Indiana House Tuesday with a vote of 81-14.
The Statehouse File
'Outgunned': Bill targets devices that turn handguns into 'machine guns'
A concerning trend has emerged at Indianapolis crime scenes.
Indianapolis Star
Lawmakers say Indiana bill to monitor early coal plant closures would ensure reliability
How quickly can—or should—Indiana transition away from coal? That’s a key question in the state legislature as lawmakers debate a bill that seeks to slow down the retirement of certain coal-fired power plants.
Indianapolis Business Journal
Bill creating statewide energy plan passes unanimously in Indiana Senate
A bill that aims to create a statewide energy plan passed the state Senate unanimously on Monday.
Indiana Public Media
Indiana National Guard court-martial bill passes both chambers, now heads to governor's desk
A bill making it easier to court-martial and administratively punish Indiana National Guard troops is one step away from becoming law despite debate that has divided military advocacy groups and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.
Indiana Public Media
Indiana parents, education advocates split over school choice budget increases
Dozens of Hoosiers descended upon the Statehouse to call for increased K-12 funding in the next state budget, but much of the testimony heard on Thursday was split over a pending proposal to more than double taxpayer spending on Indiana’s school choice voucher program.
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